Monday, June 13, 2011

My Wan De Full Weekend...

Haben had so much joy for a long time, Happiness can be easy too.. Especially with people u love. Spend my so call full sat with dearie, went to watch Kungfu panda with dearie and shopping. Hee..hee.. though he fell aslp halfway, (".) then went back home for dinner, and Sun he still join me and mami for shopping.. Though both of us are tired but happy oh, xinku dear liao.. he must be bored for e whole day.. :)

Kor's wedding day is getting nearer le, this coming sat will be his big day.. yahoo!! new family member aboard.. So excited for them, though there's a lot arguement in bet but this is part and pieces of life. Our House are decorated for this big event. Today is Esther's Op day too, wonder how's things getting on, actuali wana go to give her moral support de, but becoz of kor's wedding. Mami say cant go hospital to visit. Hope things are smooth, everything ok.. waiting for somebody to update me..

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Beautiful SundaY ...

Since yesterday I got very bad bodyache sia, my shoulder n my back.. Used mami's Ucozy to massage, Shiok la.. But at night .. Aches like HELL lei, u wouldnt believe it.. Touch lightly also Pain.. Mami help me manual massage for awhile n apply "Go Yeo" for me, til now still aches lei. "Cham liao" ... Tmr going for 3 steps 1 bow, its like yearly event for me.. pray that mami will be in gd health, Family will be safe n sound, Ppls whom i love will be happy ... :)

Early morning, Pa and Mami went to Marina Bay Sand wit aunties n Uncles.. Guess wic part they go?? Yea.. Casino!! ha ha.. For me, I wouldnt not spend $100 to go in lo, waste $$ lei.. I dont gamble de.. but they happy jiu hao.. Today Home alone 1 lo, ha ha!! Kor juz went out to his gf house.. He power sia, last night work night shift, oni slept a couple of hours then wake up liao.. Me cannot de lo, I will stoned whole day.. Peaceful at home lo,wit music with me..

My Agenda for today:
1) Meds card doned, read through it
2) Pharmaco revision ( Mock Test on Thurs)
3) Housework (Hang clothes, sweep/mop floor)
4) Go jogging in e evening (hopefully still hab energy)
5) Prepare own dinner
6) Bio revision
7) Meeting Zhou Gong by 11pm.. :P

My hectic Week

I nearly suffocated from e busy week. Doing Project and school work is driving me crazy. WTH!! this is only e 4th week, feel so breathless.. Every morning going through e tough process, apart from walking long distance frm home to interchange + a super heavy bag. How i wish got someone send me to sch.. maybe if kor is workin night shift, i will drive to sch ba.. cannot take it liao, I stil hab 2 yrs to go, minus attachment la.. at least make me think tat is faster a bitz. Still trying to cope wit sch life. My poor dear got to listen to my crap everyday. Reali touched by him, i stay up til very late on wed night to do my project, that day he got ot til 10+ then reach hm.. He acc me to finish til 1am then go sleep. Then next day wake up early to work + OT again. Haiz finally project finish le, its a relief lo, but not reali satisfied wit my presentation. really horrible.. very disappointed sia. But.. what can i do? its over le.. Move forward aana!!!

Today see shyanne really forget all my stress n depress.. So cute!!! Really my baobei lo, love her so muchii.. Finally took photos and carry her.. ai yoz, oni left din kidnap her ... wahahaz! If oni i can hab my own cute n healthy baby.. * ok i know.. stop dreaming* Today suppose to meet him too but .... ya, he got OT again, its been a whole week liao. Can he dont be so busy? hahahaz!

Friday, May 6, 2011

It'sss Fri..Day!!!!!

Mama Zhui Da...So happy u like this, hope it helps to relieve ur aches.. Love U lotz!!

First Class Photo @ NYP, NR1151 .. Like tis class, but sadly we will oni be tog for 6 mths...

Subgroup ...
Though we are from e same class in ITE, but life in NYP bring us closer.. :)

Tomorrow gona be busy but lookin forward...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tired, Tired, So tired ...

This whole week hab been a busy and tiring week. My Whole body like dont belong to me le. Almost everyday reach home late. No mood to do anything, dont really feel like eatin, but eat juz for e seek of eating.. Projects and school work is stressing manz. Argg!! I feel so lousy, Pimples outcome.. tink too stress liao + dont sleep well at night. What can i do? Got e Heart wana do homework, revision and research.. But No enough energy. :( Same to him, this whole week, we din meet.. haiz! He also OT most of e days, suppose to meet this sat but he got OT.. *sad* wana meet Sun, but i got project. hopefully next week got time.

Today start our GSM liao, Malay class quite fun la, but difficult lei. like Ta Ti Ta Tu when i speak lo.. Nvm, today oni first lesson.. Jia You Jia You Jia You!!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beautiful Day ~

E flower tat we bought ..

Big Event for Meeee .. :P

Hee.. Luv e weather today, cool cool de, outside rainin but my heart is full of sunshine.. Wake up earli brighten up by msg and when i log in fb, my buddy tag a lovely song.. its juz like greeting me good morning.. :D

Friday is Ah Ma's 3rd year death Anniversary, Couldnt make it for e morning prayer but rush down after school to visit her.. Hao Xiang Hao Xiang Ah ma, Dunno she can hear me ma.. Tears fightin in my eyes, keep controlling it.. Time flies, Ah ma leave us for 3 yrs le, but I still feels tat she is still around us.. Ah ma, We ("v") Uu..

WooW.. hab been going out for e past 2 days, Sat went to collect my Nike Run pack, going for a 5km Marathon this coming 7 may.. Dont knw if i can make it, but this hab been e thing tat i wana to go for. Not wanting to prove anything,Juz a challenge for myself. :) So doesnt reali matter e outcome, but i wana enjoy e process. Yap, My mami went wit me to collect it, afterwhich we went to visit Ah Yee @ her workplace, She has been working there for many years lol, but we hab yet to go see her. Can see that she is happy to see us, though she is busy and hab no time to entertain us. I alwae thinks tat "Its not e Quantity, Is e Quality and d Heart". Went shopping around wit mami aftertat, can see that she is very happy, bought her clothes n be her maid that day, watever things she bought i carry everything. hahahz! So she is e taitai for tat day. Though i m super tired but happy as well.

Yesterday was Stef bday, went out to celebrate for her.. Went to have high tea and watch a movie.. Though juz a few of us, but can feel tat its a heart warming celebration. We bought her fav Sunflower also. :D It really feel great to see everyone around me, Happy and blessed.. Enough of all e fun, Today is gona be a super busy day for me. Feel so guilty loz, so much school work to do and i juz throw aside for e past 2 days. Today must work on it liao. Jia You!! Jia You!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good Friday ..

Today is "good" friday .. but to me, not good at all.. Home alone, everyone got their own programme but not me. One thing is becoz no mood also. Suddenly feel so emo.. 3 days of weekends.. but dont hab e feel. Yesterday bio dont even understand a bitz lol, dont knw how lo. wana get someone to teach, but dunno who. Sometimes i reali regret, Y? when i hab e chance to study hard, dont work hard.. I am a NT students, still Bu Zhi Liang Li de go take "O" level.. of coz cant make it. I shld knw how much i weigh.. very low morale now. keep pushing myself, but i am not sure how much energy do i hab to keep me going.. BUT one thing for sure.. I AM NOT GIVING TO GIVE UP NO MATTER WHAT..
Jia You Jia You Jia You!!!! If i think i can make it, I definately can make it ... Chemistry Suan Shen Mo.. I juz nit more time and patient to conquer it..